Little Big Snake is an amazing brand new com game with advanced graphics. Its design was based on popular unblocked games such as But it offers much more than that by adding a lot more to it. Your objective is to take control of a slithering snake. Like most other snake games, you start with a small snake and need to collect colored orbs that are all over the map to increase your snake’s size.
You need to be aware of other snakes while collecting orbs. You can defeat your enemies by encircling them so that they won’t have any other choice but to slither into your snake. You can grab whatever orbs they have if you manage to kill them. Growing faster by taking out enemy players may seem the best thing to do, but keep in mind that the larger you are the harder it will be to control your snake.
There is also another side game mode built within the main structure of Little Big Snake. In this mode you can control a flying Juja bug instead of a snake. The goal is still the same, collecting orbs. But this time you get to do that by flying around the map!
Regardless of your choice, you will have nothing but good times playing this excellent game. Check out your achievements and the progress you’ve made on your snake’s evolution tree. But most importantly, have fun!


• Move your mouse to control the snake or flying beetle movement
• Left click to boost speed or make the flying beetle ascend


• Advanced graphics
• Boosting speed consumes energy instead your snake’s size
• You can become a flying beetle after your snake is killed
• Level and evolution system
• Achievement section
• Quests for earning rewards
• Skin options
• Different environments, including water and rocks unblocked

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